There are many kinds of Aliens encountered by Xenonauts throughout the Invasion of Earth.

All Aliens have associated Ranks that show both their ranking in the Alien hierarchy and their abilities and equipment.

Primary Alien RacesEdit

  • Caesan - psionically capable but frail and intelligent, relatively high TUs and moderate accuracy.
  • Sebillian - physically tough and strong with health regeneration, less accurate with very poor reflexes.
  • Andron - Very resilient, immune to suppression and stunning. High accuracy, reactions and TUs
  • Praetor - exceptionally dangerous and psionically powerful. The Alien "masterrace" behind the entire invasion, rarely appears on Earth.

Supporting Alien RacesEdit

  • Harridan - Highly technically proficient, with high reactions, very high accuracy. Found in a supporting role as snipers and pilots with Androns.
  • Wraith - Tough and somewhat accurate with teleporting ability, found in supporting roles as flanking with Caesans.
  • Reaper - Very fast and menancing with a 1-hit zombification attack, capable of rapid reproduction on the battlefield. Found as a exclusive terror unit for the Sebillians.
    • Zombie - the product of the Reaper's zombification of humans, relatively slow but heavy hitting. Spawns an entirely new Reaper upon death from the eggs implanted during zombification.

Alien Support UnitsEdit

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