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Basic Weapon of the Alien forces.

Weapon Details[]

The primary standard issue weapon for most early game alien forces, and the among the first alien weapons the player will encounter. The Plasma Rifle is a jack of all trades weapon, similar to the ballistic rifle, meaning it is capable of single shot and burst fire capabilities although handily outclasses it's range and hitting power. However this means this weapon has no significant weakness, though no real strength.

However, this weapon, unlike the Plasma Pistol, will usually outright kill a unarmoured soldier in a single hit, and even those wearing Jackal Armour will be limping away.

Research Information[]

The Alien Plasma Rifle is a two-handed alien infantry weapon approximately thirty inches in length and three kilograms in weight. It is a vastly more capable combat weapon than the alien Plasma Pistol, generating a plasma bolt that is significantly more powerful and more cohesive (granting it greater range) than its smaller cousin.  This is a result of a longer barrel that houses a more substantial plasma generation array than can be packed into the Plasma Pistol. This allows significantly more heat to be injected into each projectile as well as generating more spin, improving bolt cohesion and accuracy. The weapon possesses a similar operational range to most ballistic assault rifles but has a far higher damage and armour penetration potential. Laboratory tests suggest Jackal combat armour may do just about enough to protect the wearer from a single direct hit, but any unarmoured troops would be killed instantly.

In fact, it even appears the weapon is a credible threat to our Hunter armoured cars. It would appear that the versatility of the alien Plasma Rifle makes it the default armament for alien combatants. It is powerful, light, accurate and capable of both single shots and bursts of fire - so approach units equipped with this weapon with caution. Much like the alien Plasma Pistol, it can be handled by Xenonaut troops on the battlefield, but this is advisable only in emergencies - the weapon cannot be reloaded and is far less accurate in human hands than extraterrestrial. Finally, study of the alien Plasma Pistol and the Plasma Rifle together should give us enough knowledge to piece together the manner in which alien plasma technology operates, bringing us a step closer to both recreating and mitigating its effects.

Weapon Details[]

Base Damage Migitation Range Magsize Weight Reaction Modifier Reload AP Cost
60 0 30 9 4.0 1.0x 60
Fire modes
Fire Mode AP Cost (% of TU) Base Accuracy Shots Fired Suppression (Radius)
Snap 28 35 1 25 (1)
Aimed 40 65 1 25 (1)
Precision 55 105 1 25 (1)
Burst 60 35 3 100 (1.5)
UFO recovery artefact
Sale Value $4000 Auto-Sale yes