Armour is one of the most vital technologies that the Xenonauts should explore. New more powerful Armour will significantly increase the chances of a soldier surviving a direct hit. Also different Armour's also offer unique abilities.

Armour TypesEdit

Basic Armour - Starting Armour, nothing more than cloth and a steel helmet. Provides no real protection.

Jackal - Specially designed Armour designed to withstand heat based weaponry, provides decent protection, don't expect to survive multiple hits.

Wolf - The first human Armour adapted from Alien materials, offers superior and greater protection than standard armour.

Buzzard - This unique Armour is based on the Wolf Armour, shedding protection for a basic jump jet granting the wearer a great degree of mobility.

Predator - An enclosed form of power armour, provides the absolute best protection humanity can offer. 

Sentinel - A significantly more advanced version of the Buzzard. Enclosed power armour that offers a far more efficient jetpack. Though not as protective as the Predator Armour.

Cut ArmourEdit

Colossus - Massive, advanced power-walker.