The Auto-cannon is a variant of the 20mm M61 Vulcan rotary autocannon. It is a short-range, High rate-rate-fire weapon best suited to dealing with agile craft that are difficult to hit with missiles.

Our F-17 Condors aircraft have this weapon fitted in their integrated cannon bay by default. It will inflict good sustained damage on a target, but obviously requires the pilot to get close enough to use it - leaving the Condor vulnerable to return fire. If you plan to engage a hostile craft using this weapon, try avoid the firing arcs of its defensive weapons. Approaching the target from the side or behind is much more likely to result in a successful kill than a head-on attack.

The Autocannon is replace by Gatling Laser after developing Rapid Fire Lasers.


Armament Damage Range Shots Rate of Fire Fire Arc Lock time
Autocannon 5 3,000 80 600 15 Deg 0 secs
Gatling Laser 10 3,500 80 600 15 Deg 0 secs

Autocannon cannon

Default Aircraft weapon