Xenonauts Wiki

A new feature to Xenonauts is a fully implemented Cover System. During combat Xenonauts operatives and Aliens may take cover in the environment in order to protect them from incoming fire. While in cover there is a chance that if the target is hit, then that round will only hit the cover instead of the target. Typically, the bigger the piece of cover, the more likely it will block a shot. Most cover is destructible and can be destroyed by concentrated weapons fire or explosives.

Cover mechanics[]

The cover save mechanic is used when a unit in cover is hit by a projectile, and represents the % chance that it hits the cover rather than the unit hiding behind it.

The calculation is: Cover stopping value / Soldier Stopping Value (i.e. 60) = Chance Cover Hit (min 0.25, max 0.75)

This is not affected by the highest previously tested stopping value, as with other obstacles.

For explosive damage, where there is no standard ‘to hit’ calculation, the cover save represents damage allocation rather than a % chance. If a grenade goes off in front of cover with a 48% stopping chance and the soldier is in cover behind it, dealing 100 damage, the split would be 80 damage to the cover and 20 to the soldier.

In addition, if a soldier is crouched there is a flat 20% reduction in the chance to hit for that soldier.