Xenonauts Wiki

Difficulty Levels[]

Xenonauts has four difficulty levels.

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Veteran
  • Insane

On higher difficulty levels, aliens will get stronger and better, plasma fire will be more lethal, UFOs are faster and more powerful, UFOs appear much faster, the Alien Invasion will progress faster, among other changes.

There is also a Ironman option. This optional setting disallows the player from manually saving their game. Instead the game will be saved automatically. This option can be enabled on all difficutlies.

Alien Invasion Speed[]

The rate at which the Alien Invasions Ticker advances increases as the difficulty level rises. While on easy the multiplier is set to 0.8, on Normal and Veteran the value is set to 0.9. On Insane the value is set to 1.0.


On Easy UFOs have only 0.75 of their base health. So a Light Scout would have 262hp instead of 350. UFO health remains the same on all other difficulties.

Alien Stats[]

The aliens statistics vary on each difficulty level. The stats changed are:

Statistic Easy Normal Veteran Insane
All Stats (TU's, Reaction, etc) 70% 80% 100% 125%
Weapon Damage 60% 80% 100% 110%

Alien Accuracy

60% 80% 100% 125%

Xenonauts Stats[]

In addition, the players air planes stats are altered depending on the difficulty level. All maintenance costs are also reduced on easy and normal. The stats changed are:

Statistic Easy Normal Veteran Insane
Airplane Speed 120% 110% 100% 100%
Airplane Range 120% 110% 100% 80%
Maintenance Cost 75% 90% 100% 100%

Lost Continents Limit[]

The amount of funding nation blocs the player can afford to lose before the game ends varies. On Easy and Normal the player can lose up to 5 funding blocs. On Veteran and Insane the player can lose only up to 4 funding blocs.

In addition, the amount of damage that Alien Missions deal to a funding bloc varies between difficulties. The values are:






Damage Value 50% 75% 100% 125%

Other Information[]

  • It is also worth noting that on Insane difficulty, damage dealt by Xenonauts on aliens will not be displayed. This can considerably make it more difficult to estimate an alien's amount of HP left, in order to make a risky move, such as moving a Shotgun holder in to finish it off.
  • Alien grenades are used by aliens more in higher difficulties [citation needed].