The ultimate Alien air-superiority fighter, being the fastest UFO the Alien invasion force has to offer. The Alien Interceptor will prove to be a very challenging opponent for Xenonaut's air forces. The Interceptor is brought in to replace the roles that the Heavy Fighter were filling, primarily acting as an escort for heavier craft but also preforming several Alien missions. The Interceptor remains a mainstay of the UFO fleet, but as the invasion continues to progress the Interceptor is, in some areas, replaced by the Cruiser.


Statistic Value
Size Small
Max Speed 3,800 km/h
Acceleration 60 km/h/s
Turn Rate 120 deg/s


Beam Damage 65
Beam Range 4,000
Missile Damage  120
Missile Range 50,000
Hitpoints 500
Armour 30
Ticker Apperence 1,350

Mission RolesEdit