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Top of the line shotgun (carbine).


Sharing the strengths and weaknesses of its predecessors, the MAG Carbine has the highest damage per shot. It's two-handed and quickfiring with a 1.5x bonus to reaction-fire.


Technology Required MAG Weaponry
Manufacture Cost (per unit) $80,000
Manufacture Man Days (per unit) 120
Manufacture Materials required (per unit) 8x Alien Alloys

Weapon Details[]

Base Damage Mitigation Range Mag Size Weight Reaction Modifier Reload AP Cost
85 (3x) 0 8 6 3 1.5x 25
Fire modes
Fire Mode AP Cost (% of TU) Base Accuracy Shots Fired Suppression (Radius)
Snap 28 38 1 72 (2)
Aimed 40 70 1 72 (2)