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Effective, but heavy, anti-infantry weapon. Eventually replaced by the Scatter Laser.


The machinegun is a supremely effective anti-personnel weapon that fires long bursts, causes serious damage to infantry and is capable of punching through early extraterrestrial armour with little trouble. However, as a heavy weapon, it suffers a number of inherent limitations. A considerable amount of time is required to shoot or reload the weapon, a 50% penalty applies to reaction fire, it is inaccurate when not fired by a stationary user, plus the weight and recoil of the weapon necessitates a strong trooper carry it into battle (with at least 70 strength or suffer TU penalties).

As with all heavy weapons, the machinegun is devastating when used correctly but leaves the soldier operating it vulnerable to enemy attack. The sheer weight of the weapon and the ammunition means that the gunner can only wear light armour into battle, and the significant accuracy penalty for moving in the same turn that the weapon is fired means that it is vulnerable to flanking. Despite this, the fearsome firepower of the machinegun means it is still a remarkably powerful battlefield tool. Forward thinking tactics such as placing machine gunners in positions with wide fields of view or long lines of sight, similar to a sniper may prove rewarding.

Weapon Details[]

Base Damage Mitigation Range Mag Size Weight Reaction Modifier Reload AP Cost
30 5 25 30 8 0.5x 35
Fire modes
Fire Mode AP Cost (% of TU) Base Accuracy Shots Fired Suppression (Radius)
Burst 80 35 10 120 (2)


  • Appears to be an FN MAG with a black plastic buttstock.