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Standard issue Xenonauts pistol. Replaced by the Laser Pistol.



The ballistic pistol is a semi-automatic sidearm that has been in common military use for some years. It is light and accurate over short ranges, and also much faster to aim and fire than other Xenonaut weapons – making it an ideal secondary weapon for snipers or soldiers equipped with heavy weaponry.  However, although it can deal out a lot of damage at close quarters due it its high fire rate, the pistol lacks any appreciable armour penetration and is inaccurate over range.

This is balanced against the fact it only takes a single hand to fire, allowing pistol-equipped soldier can carry a variety of objects in his other hand, such as grenades, medipacks or even a combat shield. It is therefore also an invaluable tool for soldiers in close support roles. These and other types of pistols give a 1.5x bonus to a soldier's chance at reaction fire, making it useful to cover door ways or train new recruits.

Weapon Details[]

Base Damage Migitation Range Magsize Weight Reaction Modifier Reload AP Cost
30 0 10 15 2.0 1.5x 15
Fire modes
Fire Mode AP Cost (% of TU) Base Accuracy Shots Fired Suppression (Radius)
Snap 28 45 1 20 (1)
Aimed 40 80 1 20 (1)


  • Appears to be a Beretta M9, which is extremely anachronistic, as the M9 was designed in the mid-to-late eighties. A better choice would be the Browning High Power, NATO's most popular sidearm at the time.