The Quantum Cryptology Center is a buildable Base Facility which once built provides additional information regarding targets spotted by the base Radar Dishes. The QCC becomes available for construction once researching a captured alien base, more precisely its communication dish, is completed. 


The Quantum Cryptology Center enhances the information received regarding UFO's spotted by a bases radar. The additional information contains the exact type of the vessel (instead of its size alone), the exact type of its escorts (if any) and a description of the vessels crew. The additional details allow the player to plan his/her angle of approach to a larger degree, both for aerial and ground combat.

Each base needs a Quantum Cryptology Center in order to identify new UFOs. However, if one base that has a QCC detects a UFO, then that UFO will permanently retain all additional information discovered about that single UFO even if that UFO falls of that bases radar, only to be detected by another bases radar.

Quantum Cryptology Centre

The effects of the Quantum Cryptology Centre