Replaces the Machine Gun.


The Scatter Laser is a rapid fire anti-infantry heavy weapon that requires two hands to use. It is a very powerful weapon with good armour mitigation, a long range and a lot of bolts in each burst - but is relatively inaccurate and cannot fire single shots. However, even if the burst does not kill the enemy, the weapon still causes significant amounts of suppression (which prevents the enemy from reaction firing, then saps their TUs for the next turn). It is a "heavy" weapon, which means the user will suffer an accuracy penalty if they move and shoot in the same turn. A soldier also requires a Strength of 70 to use the weapon without suffering an accuracy penalty due to recoil (this penalty is reduced the closer the soldier is to 70 Strength).

Weapon DetailsEdit

Damage Range Clipsize Weight
45 25 30 (3x10) 8