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The Scimitar is an improved combat vehicle, somewhat reminiscent of the Chieftain MBT.

Xenopedia Description[]

My team have finished work on the VH-2 Scimitar, a remotely-piloted battlefield vehicle designed to provide close support to our strike teams. It is slower than the Hunter scout car, but is a much more capable combatant. It is considerably tougher than its predecessor and is armed with a powerful integrated Pulse Laser (which can be upgraded in future if we develop better weapons).

The chassis of the Scimitar is squat but sturdy, giving the vehicle a low profile and providing ample space for the vehicle's powerplant - the ER-4 Alenium Impulsion reactor, a downscaled version of the Corsair's ER-3 reactor. The turret weapon draws power directly from the reactor, eliminating the need for any ammunition storage areas in the turret. Instead, this space houses a complex array of cameras / sensors. Semi-intelligent alien electronics inside the vehicle handle many of the simpler tasks usually performed by the driver, allowing us to situate the vehicle pilot safely within a control facility back at base. I personally fitted signal boosters to our dropships that allow a driver to control the vehicle as if he were inside it, despite potentially being thousands of miles away. Unsuprisingly, our tests so far suggest I have done an excellent job setting everything up.

Removal of the driver has two chief advantages - the first is that the removal of the crew compartment and the ventilation systems leaves space for additional armour, naturally itself also constructed from alien materials. Given that vehicles are large targets on the battlefield, this added durability is extremely valuable. Secondly, the fact that one of your units is a lump of inert metal (albeit an expensive one) rather than a living and breathing human being may make battlefield decisions a little easier for you.


The biggest drawback to the usage of a support vehicle is that it takes two soldiers spots, meaning you have fewer soldiers on the field. By the time the Scimitar is available you should have access to a superior dropship and have a good selection of high rank soldiers. Because of this, support vehicles suddenly become more viable.

The Scimitar is the next step up from the Hunter, and is where support vehicles begin to shine. The Scimitar has more action points and better armour, giving it greater survivability on the battlefield. Aside from being stronger, the Scimitar operates just as the Hunter would.


Research Required Scimitar Tank
Manufacture Cost (per unit) $120,000
Manufacture Man Days (per unit) 120
Manufacture Materials required (per unit) 5x Alenium, 8x Alien Alloys


Statistic Value
Action Points 85
Hit Points 100
Armour Rating K:60 E:60 I:40 C:100
Front Armour 55
Side Armour 45
Rear Armour 35
Accuracy 60
Reflexes 30
Purchase Cost $120,000
Upkeep $12,000
Buyable No