While at first comparable to the Buzzard Armour, the Sentinel Armour is far superior in every way. It uses an anti-gravity generator to allow the wearer to fly indefinitely, however, they cannot fire their weapons unless standing on a solid surface. As well as incredibly effective protection, the Sentinel Armour also gives the wearer full situational awareness with a 360 degrees view.

Statistics Edit

Sentinel Armour weighs 10 kg, provides 60 resistance to kinetic/energy/incendiary attacks and 100 resistance to chemical attacks. These stats alone make the Sentinel Armour strictly better than the Wolf Battle Armour.

Research Edit

Sentinel Armor can be researched after "Predator Armour" and "Alien Anti-gravity Generator" are finished.

Production Edit

Sentinel Armour costs $60,000, 6 Alien Alloys, and 100 man-days to produce.

Xenopedia entry Edit

The S-6 "Sentinel" Battlesuit is a combat exoskeleton designed for general combat usage. It offers less protection than our S-2 "Predator" exoskeletons, but incorporates a personal jump unit and is not limited to using only heavy weapons. The helmet also features a unique camera system that allows the wearer 360-degree vision.

The Sentinel contains thousands of tiny sensors that work to detect and augment the wearer's movement, making it operate more like a second skin than a half-tonne armoured suit.  It is capable of the same dexterity and range of motion as an unarmoured soldier, whilst also providing amplified strength and excellent protection. The helmet contains a full rebreather system (rendering the wearer immune to smoke and gas effects) and a variety of sensors and cameras linked directly to the helmet visor, giving the wearer unparalleled awareness of the battlefield around them. The jump unit does away with the miniaturised jet turbines of the Buzzard and utilises alien antigravity technology instead, resulting in a much more compact device that also contains the suit reactor.

It should be noted that this level of precision engineering would simply not be possible if the Sentinel were armoured as heavily as the Predator. The more primitive design still excels at soaking up damage and remains our best option for assault work, but the Sentinel is far more versatile in combat. A mixture of the two designs would be a powerful combination; taken together they represent the final word in the development of battlefield protection.

Sustainable DamageEdit

This chart will list how the armour stands up against different alien weapons. The chart first lists the base damage a weapon can do, then shows how much damage the weapon would deal after the armour has absorbed its maximum. The final column attempts to account for the damage variance that can occur, showing the minimum and maxium amount of damage the weapon can deal.

Alien Weapon    Base Damage    Armour Mitigation    Damage after resistance    Accounting for variance  
Alien Pistol 50 0 0 + 0-15
Alien Rifle 60 0 0 + 0-30
Alien Assault Plasma 40x3 10 0 + 0
Alien Heavy Rifle 65 30 35 + 2-67
Alien Battle Rifle 80 30 50 + 10-90
Alien Sniper Rifle 40 99 40 - 20-60
Alien Plasma Cannon 110 0 50 + 0-105
Praetor Gun 120 60 120 + 60-180
Light Drone Blaster 15 15 0 + 0
MediumDrone Cannon 85 0 25 + 0-67
Heavy Drone Cannon 120 0 60 + 0-120