Close range weapon capable of massive damage.


Capable of delivering massive firepower in a very short space of time. The shotgun is the perfect weapon for assault troops whether they are clearing buildings or breaching UFOs. This fearsome firepower must be offset against the limitations of the weapon; it is heavy, holds eight shots and is incapable of burst fire. Most troublesome, however, is that it is almost entirely ineffective other than over short ranges.

Shotguns must therefore be used carefully. Though it will leave its user exposed and vulnerable if caught in the open, it is an enormously powerful weapon when used effectively and thus is a vital part of the Xenonaut tactical arsenal.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Base Damage Damage Variance Armour Mitigation Range Ammo Weight
25 (x3) 12-37 0 8 8 3

The weapon also appears to resemble a Mossberg 500, which entered service with the US military in 1961.