Secure the crash site.


Dropship (Dropship name) is approaching the UFO. Initial reconnaissance suggests that the alien vessel (sustained only minor damage during the crash, so expect stiff resistance/sustained severe damage during the crash. Expect many of the crew to have been killed on impact.) The primary objective of this mission is to capture extraterrestrial artefacts, so take care when breaching the UFO to avoid destroying valuable technology.

Good luck, commander. Bring your soldiers back alive.


  1. Eliminate all Alien forces.
  2. Capture and hold the UFO for 5 turns.


The objective of a UFO Crash Recovery is identical to a UFO Ground Assault, to either terminate or incapacitate all surviving Aliens in and around the UFO or to capture and hold the UFO for five turns.

UFO Crash Recovery missions are somewhat easier than taking a UFO that landed of its own accord due to some of the crew having been killed in the crash, and that the Aliens present will be in a disorganized position. However it also means that there will be fewer useful Alien artifacts to recover such as useful resources. Which is why commanders prefer to assault a UFO when it lands itself to ensure they get as many useful resources as they can.

However due to the often frequency and intensity of UFO contacts appearing it may be difficult or risky to shadow a UFO until it lands, due to the Aliens possibly outrunning the Xenonauts craft or for it to complete its mission and leave Earth.