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UFOs form the main part of the Aliens invasion of Earth, they range from small Scouts to massive Battleships. UFOs, unlike the original X-Com's UFOs, take on a more organic look, appearing akin to sea creatures. UFOs are powered by Alenium and use Alien Alloys to form their hulls.

UFOs form the sole way for the Aliens to get to Earth and conduct their operations. It is estimated by Xenonaut's scientists that there are over 3000 UFOs in orbit over Earth, with possible three times that number still approaching, meaning it is effectively impossible for humanity to simply maintain air superiority as the Aliens functionally have a infinite supply of UFOs. The only weakness the UFOs possess is they are not suitable for Earth atmosphere, forcing the Aliens to adapt their craft to Earth's atmosphere, meaning the larger and more powerful UFOs will take longer to appear.

UFO Interiors[]

At their core, all UFOs contain a Power Core, Navigation, Alien Alloys and Alenium. Larger and more specialized UFOs can carry additional equipment. 

UFO Types[]

Very Small UFOs[]

Small UFOs[]

Medium UFOs[]

Large UFOs[]

Massive UFOs[]

Enormous UFOs[]

(*)Means that the UFO cannot be boarded by ground troops even after being downed.

Quick Comparison Chart[]

Note values assume that the player is on the Normal difficulty setting. Higher difficulties slightly increase stats.

Name Hit Points Size Top Speed Acceleration Turn Rate Can Evade Spawn Crashsite Can Land Airstrike Value
Fighter 150 Very Small 1800 600 60 Yes No No No
Heavy Fighter 350 Very Small 2800 600 9 Yes No No No
Interceptor 500 Very Small 3800 600 120 Yes No No No
Bomber 1700 Medium 1400 200 4 No No No No
Strike Cruiser 4300 Large 2400 200 6 No No No No
Light Scout 350 Small 1400 200 20 Yes Yes Yes 15000
Scout 900 Small 2000 200 15 No Yes Yes 25000
Corvette 1700 Medium 1400 200 10 No Yes Yes 35000
Landingship 2300 Medium 1800 200 14 No Yes Yes 45000
Cruiser 3000 Large 2400 200 17 No Yes Yes 50000
Carrier 4000 Massive 2800 200 22 No Yes Yes 60000
Battleship 7000 Massive 3300 200 28 No Yes Yes 100000