Xenonauts 2 is the second game in the Xenonauts franchise, developed and published by Goldhawk Interactive. This game however, is not a chronological sequel of the original. The new game takes place in an alternate timeline where an alien invasion is taking place in a Cold War era Earth. The game is written in Unity3D, providing players with much-needed updated graphics. Changes also include new characters, aliens and a richer, deeper plot. Players will have more choices both in the game as well as their research tree. Expect to see a complete overhaul of the Air Combat system as well.

Players interested in a demo of the game be sure to check for availability on the GOG website.


  • Ground Combat: Experience tense turn-based combat across varied and fully destructible battlefields against a multitude of different alien species. Missions include everything from capturing crashed UFOs and alien bases to defending cities (or even Xenonaut facilities) against alien attack!
  • Strategic Management: Manage the defence of the planet on the strategy layer, balancing the needs of your funding nations with your own. Your funds are limited – are you going to spend them on new combat equipment, more scientists for the research effort, or expanding your interceptor squadrons?
  • Research Tree: Harness the alien technology and turn it against them! Explore an extensive research tree that unlocks upgrades and equipment for your soldiers and interceptors, whilst also slowly revealing the intentions and origins of the invaders.
  • Persistent Soldiers: Your soldiers gain rank and improve their abilities from mission to mission – assuming you can keep them alive!
  • Emergent Simulation: Missions are not pre-scripted but are based on your actions; e.g. shoot down a Scout UFO over the Arctic and you will get a mission to capture a crashed Scout UFO in the polar tileset. Launch a mission at night-time and you will be fighting with reduced sight range in the darkness. The game never plays out the same way twice!





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